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Apply In EnHa

Would you like to join cursus Energy Performance in Buildings ?

Have in mind that tuition is provided in French for 2 reasons :
- we are not ready yet to provide you with international tuition, either speeches and support documents (this will progress) ;
- program is firstly designed for professional insertion in France :
-- using mainly french softwares for professional activities ;
-- using french norms for acoustics, thermics, energetics & light, illumination applications.
Hence, in order to be able to follow the program, you should think of checking you have a sufficient french command, hopefully DELF-B2 or equivalent : check your level using tests
You will find here some essential datas about the cursus :
- entry levels and related procedures ;
- minimum requirements ;
- programs and details about the cursus.

Entry levels and related procedures

Entry is possible at Bachelor level (L1 & L2) but these level are mainly used for the learning of basics of Sciences, mainly Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry with a limitted approach to professional issues.
Entry is possible at Bachelor level (L3) where the first approach of Energy Performance in Buildings is given besides advanced basics on sciences, essentually Mathematics and Physics.
The suitable entry is Master 1 (first year of Master) where basics knowledges upon Energy Performance in Buildings are taught. This level introduces you into the professional know how and teaches you advanced knowledges in the Sciences related to the professional needs.
Conditions for admission differ according to the level where you apply.
In any case, you should consider :
- University website for general informations and access page for registration of applications : follow link "inscriptions" when available (only certain periods) ;
- University website and International page in order to discover the rules in use and related procedures ;
- University website : International page : Accomodation page for information on possibilities offered ;
- Europass page for general informations on the system.
Your application should contain : (suitably in French but English might be considered)
- a Curriculum Vitae (see Europass for structure)
- Transcript of Records of past 3 years
- Certificates for language proficiency DEF-B1 is minimum, DELF-B2 more appropriate for an easy study of Sciences, see tests
- recommendation letters from Professors and Corporations (previous internships are considered)

Minimum requirements

Conditions for admission differ according to the level where you apply, in case you apply for Master 1 (first year of Master), you should have a Bachelor or equivalent and such have followed superior studies in university or college for 3 or 4 years in the domain of Physics and Applied Sciences and such have studied :
- Mathematics & Computer Sciences for Engineering, including calculation tools such as Maple, Maxima, Matlab, Scilab, etc
- Physics, including :
--- Mechanics of the Continous Matter and Fluids, Resistance of Materials
--- Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
--- Electricity & Waves Propagation
- Construction, including some know how on CAD systems and GIS

Programs and details about the cursus

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